Duncan and Godfrey in ‘The Coster’s Courtship’

TitleDuncan and Godfrey in ‘The Coster’s Courtship’
ArtistJohn Doman Turner
Datec. 1911
Distinguishing marks
ExhibitionsCamden Town Group 1911 First Exhibition Carfax Gallery
SourceFeatured in Camden Town Group first exhibition catalogue http://www.tate.org.uk/art/research-publications/camden-town-group/the-first-exhibition-of-the-camden-town-group-r1104680


Doman Turner, again, introduced in pastel Duncan and Godfrey, a jolly duo from the great days of the Halls, and popular at the Bedford, that “Pav.” of Camden Town.

Source: ‘Souvenir of Camden Town: A Commemorative Exhibition’, Louis F. Fergusson, The Studio – Feb 1930
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