The Camden Town Group, Wendy Baron (1979)

Spencer Gore and His Circle with Special Focus on John Doman Turner, Denys J Wilcox & James W Robertson (1996)
Piano Nobile

Artists at Walberswick: East Anglian Interludes 1880-2000, Richard Scott (2002)

The Sea House, Esther Freud (2004)

The latest version of the front cover.
The original front cover.
The original back cover.

Making Waves, Southwold, Ian Collins (2005)


The Camden Town Group in Context, Tate

Michael Parkin Fine Art Gallery – John Doman Turner!john-doman-turner/c59k

Suffolk Artists – John Doman Turner

Wikipedia – John Doman Turner

Google Arts & Culture – John Doman Turner


Walberswick – Scroll
The scroll is shown a couple of times a year in the Heritage Hut in Walberswick, Suffolk. Dates are usually posted on the Walberswick website in advance of showings.

Trinity Fair – Scroll
Ask to see the scroll when you arrive. Please note that this work has significantly changed since we visited in 2012. The scroll appears to have been cropped and framed to fit the spaces between hotel room doors.