Penelope Keith visits the Walberswick Scroll

What a wonderful start to the year, watching John Doman Turner’s ‘Walberswick Scroll’ make an appearance on More 4’s ‘Penelope Keith’s Coastal Villages‘.

Penelope Keith standing outside the Hertiage Hut, where the Walberswick Scroll is shown to the public a couple of times year.

The film crew recorded the footage in Walberswick during the annual village fete in 2017.

Featured in the broadcast is John English of the Walberswick Local History Group, who took over from artist Richard Scott as ‘protecter’ of the scroll. Over the past couple of years he has had the pleasure of showing the scroll to visitors of the Walberswick Heritage Hut a couple of times a year.

Keep an eye out on the Walberswick website for future showings of the scroll.

John English showing Penelope Keith the Walberswick Scroll painted by John Doman Turner.
A section of the Walberswick scroll
A section of the Walberswick scroll

The episode of ‘Penelope Keith’s Coastal Villages‘ featuring John Doman Turner’s Walberswick Scroll is available on DVD at

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